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Oct 28 Be Brave Board Update

All-new activities below!   Fill out an exit ticket for Oct 28- Nov 3 after you complete each activity. 
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Check the FAQs for help. New activities posted every Wednesday.
Recent posts

Math Team Shirt Design Contest

Design the t-shirt for the 2020 BMS Math Team! Questions? Ask Ms. Shaw (, the Math Team Coach. See design requirements here.

Scary Stories for Halloween

Short stories, ebooks and podcasts to read or listen to… will you leave the lights on - or off? Find them here.


Learn about the history of K-pop through a look at dancing, fashion and music. Pop over to K-pop here!

Paper Water Bomber

Make a paper airplane with a built in water cargo box - look out world! Get directions here.

Yoga Poses

Learn the names of yoga poses, practice them and share by recording a video or photo on your iPad! Get started here.

Inktober Is Almost Over

The final week of Inktober is here! Did you make it all the way? Try for the first - or last time!

Set Design

Create your own set design using a box, markers, pencil. Get started here.

Name Design Slideshow

Create a unique name collage slideshow using Google Slides or Keynote! Have fun with digital design. Follow directions on the Google Doc.


Watch the video, practice the moves safely, then bring your iPad outside and record your skills. Find out how.

Instrument Practice

If you are a music student, check in to your group’s Google Classroom for music to practice! You can count this toward your Global Apps Be Brave Board time. Fill out an exit ticket!