Wednesday, June 9, 2021

June 9 Update - Final Be Brave Board!

It's the final Be Brave Board set of activities - but there are some good ones here!

RLA students: Follow directions on your Global Apps Google Classroom

Optional: share your new knowledge or creations here on Padlet

Check the FAQs for help. New activities posted every Wednesday.

Watch an Eclipse (Early) Thursday Morning!

This activity should be completed on Wed. 6/9. There will be a solar eclipse on the morning of 6/10. Use the viewer you build to see the moon eclipse the sun. Never look right at an eclipse - here's how to build a Viewer for the 6/10 Solar Eclipse.

Tin Foil Art

Learn about the Mexican tradition of Hojalata & create your own!

Hip Hop Dance Moves

Learn and practice some Hip Hop dance moves. Evidence: Write a 5 sentence summary of your experience or take a video of one of the dance moves you learned. Try Part 1 first and if you like it, go to Part 2!

Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt

Explore the BMS Summer Reading website. There are a wide range of books and lots of other information too! Try this scavenger hunt to see how many of these categories of books you can find. Click here to make your own copy of the hunt and get directions.

Inside the Orchestra - Games and More!

Check out this website for a variety of games and musical creations! Evidence: Take screenshots/screen recordings of what you explore/create and write 2-3 sentences describing what you learned! Try the activities at Inside the Orchestra.

Make Fluffy Slime

All you need to know to make fluffy slime. You will need white glue, baking soda, shaving cream, contact lens solution that contains boric acid and sodium borate and food coloring (optional). Click here for the whole recipe and directions!

Nature Scupture

Create your own works of art using objects found in nature! Get inspired by videos and work from Andy Goldsworthy

Full Body Workout

Try this 25-minute full body workout. No weights are needed. Evidence: Take a video of you stretching after the workout, take photos of 3 exercises that you did during this workout, or describe 5 exercises that you did. See the video here.

Music Mindfulness

Follow these steps to try to find a sense of calm using music! You can use the music posted here or your own but follow the instructions.

Instrument Practice

If you are a music student, check in to your group’s Google Classroom for music to practice! You can count this toward your Global Apps Be Brave Board time.

RLA: Check your Global Apps Google Classroom directions

We'd love you to share your practice piece on Padlet.